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If you are a realtor, an attorney, a notary, an architect, a hotel/resort owner and/or are in customer service. . retired, bored & want to find something to sink your teeth into, step up now & provide a referral service that is very important to your clients/guests/customers/friends, etc.

We'd also like to call on our past clients, with whom we have nurtured warm & lasting relationships to reach out to their friends, family, neighbors & acquaintances who may have an interest in obtaining their RESIDENCY / LEGAL STATUS here in Costa Rica. We welcome AND appreciate all referrals given.  Thank you!

Complete the "Contact Us" form below to learn more about becoming an affiliate.  The point is that we will never be your competition.  We'll work together to assist your clients.

We have worked closely with all of our affiliates during the past two decades.  All of our communication with your "lead" will be among the potential client, yourself & us here at 
Costa Rica Immigration & Moving Experts. 

Add this most important service to what you now offer your clients and earn the bonus of earning extra income at the same time!

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Referral Associate Contract

Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts is pleased to welcome ________________________________to the Firm in the capacity of “Client Referral Associate”.
As such, it is understood that ___________________________________is not considered to be an employee of the Firm but does have access to all printed material and information contained on any web page created by the Firm. Communications between Associate and Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts is encouraged. We are here to assist you also.

Any expenses incurred by the Referral Associate shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Referral Associate unless written authority is received in advance.

The Referral Associate shall not accept funds for payment from the referred person for any service offered by Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts.

It is understood that for the protection of the Client Referral Associate, the full name and address and registration date of any contact made must be registered with Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts. In the unlikely event of duplicate registrations, the contact will be rewarded to the Referral Associate who registered the contact with Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts first.

Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts will, upon receipt of referred person‘s contact information will contact this person offering our services. Copies of all communications will be provided to the referral agent in all instances.

Our fee structure will be discussed with you.


This _____ day of _____________ , 20_____




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Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts:

Complete the "Contact Us" form below to learn more about becoming a valued affiliate. 

We become a provider of expert information regarding iMMIGRATION
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