relocation to costa rica
relocation to costa rica

Specific Services

Letter of Introduction

Will you need a letter of introduction to open a local bank account? 
The answer is, "yes". We will assist!
Which bank should you use?  Are they safe?  
All of these questions will be discussed &
answered for you in detail.

Costa Rican Corporations

We suggest that our clients consider long & hard about 
creating Costa Rica Corporations anymore.  
Traditionally, people purchased/created a corporation for the purpose of placing individual assets.  The concept behind doing so was to in fact, protect themselves from liability 
in the event of a legal issue arising.  

For example:  A corporation has a vehicle as its sole asset.  The driver gets into an accident.  The liability is limited to the assets of the corporation.  This type of corporation is considered an 
'inactive corporation'.  
Also, if one decides to sell, for example, the vehicle, the owner of the corporation would simply sell the corporation holding this vehicle.

Corporations that are created to operate businesses are called, 
'active corporations
and are subject to a much higher annual revenue fee.  

It is a judgement call as to whether it is worth it anymore to create an inactive corporation.  However, we feel it is still necessary to create a corporation for the purpose of a business.

We can discuss further options available to you at a later date based upon your specific situation.

Social Security Medical System

We assist in the application process and enrollment 
for you & your family.

We are very pleased to assist you in many ways to ensure that your transition to Costa Rica and your new lifestyle 
is a total pleasing experience.
Whether it be a case of needing assistance to obtain 
a suitable cell phone or to be taken to one of our 
major shopping centers or shopping clubs, 
we are here to accompany you & assist you 
in every way we can. Although this extra service 
is gladly offered, in some cases it entails 
the use of additional people / man hours.  

Contact us directly and let us know how we can assist you 
and we will quote you a price for these special services.

A seamless transition for you is our goal.  

Our services can be laser-focused & fine-tuned to fulfill your needs.