Pensionado Status 
American Applicants
The Documentation that is Required for Pensionado Status is as follows:
       (please attach your name and contact number 
        to each document sent to any government or private agency for easy identification)

1. Passport (no additional requirements):
     a. For all persons listed on application. 
     b. We suggest that your passport be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time of              application.

2. Birth Certificate (must be apostilled):
     a. Request certified, long-form copy from Department of Vital Statistics or suggest you       contact VitalChek through their website at:

3. Marriage Certificate (must be apostilled):
  a. Request certified copy from Department of Vital Statistics or suggest you contact
      VitalChek through their website at:

4. Proof that applicant is entitled to a minimum of US$1,000.00 per month income  
    either in the form of a private pension guaranteed for life (must be apostilled),                      Government pension or Social Security (may need to be apostilled):
   Contact Us for Clarification

The Federal Benefit Unit at the U.S. Embassy said it has simplified the process for verifying Social Security and other government benefits for Costa Rican immigration purposes. The government will accept email requests and make a follow up telephone call to confirm the requestor’s identity. The embassy said that the document commonly is called a "proof of income letter", a "budget letter", a "benefits letter" or a "proof of award letter".
The letter is an official report on money an expat might be getting from the U.S. Social Security Administration, the Veteran's Administration, the Railroad Retirement Board or the Office of Personnel Management/Civil Service Retirement. 
The email document is being accepted by the 
Dirección General de Migración y Extranjeria. 

The embassy advises that the applicant is to follow these steps:

 a.) Request a "benefit-verification letter", free of charge, by filling out a form using this            link:

 b.) Within five working days, a representative from the Federal Benefit Unit will contact           you to verify your identity and get your permission to email the letter verifying the               benefit amount.

 c.) Requestors should print the letter and provide it to Costa Rica Immigration & Moving          Experts along with other documents described on our company's website. 
      This specific letter from the Embassy does not need to be apostilled.

Note:  After the Pensionado has had their Pensionado Status for a period of 36 months, 
they may apply for Permanent Resident Status, which has no income requirements.

All documentation other than your passport must have been issued within 6 months of the time we submit application to Immigration here in Costa Rica.  

All documentation other than your passport, must also be apostilled by the 
state’s Secretary of State in which the documents were originally issued.  

5. American Citizens must contact the FBI and obtain a "Identity History Summary"
or commonly known as a "FBI Background Check"..

    The following steps must be taken to obtain this letter:

     a. Complete the Applicant Information Form found at:

     b. Click on "Request the Applicant Information Form".

     c. Click on "You can now download the form".
         You can fill out the form on line and then print it or
         Download the form to your computer desktop and fill out the form by hand.

     d. Mail the signed applicant information form and payment of $18 U.S. dollars to                     the following address:

         FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request
         1000 Custer Hollow Road
         Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306

         If you have any questions, contact the 
         FBI Customer Services Group at 304-625-5590.

For those clients who require assistance regarding their FBI report, we suggest
contacting the FBI channeler of your choice.

List of FBI-Approved Channelers:

Arrange to have copy of your fingerprints sent to your chosen channeler.
Have them submit documentation to FBI and instruct the channeler to send resulting documents digitally from the FBI to William Edward Licht, Apostille Services. They in turn will have the documents apostilled and then will send them directly to Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts on your behalf.

William Edward Licht, Apostille Services
7340 Stirling Road #201
Hollywood, Florida 33024
Phone: 754-423-8823
[email protected]

Rentista Information Here
Pensionado Status 
Canadian Applicants
The Documentation that is Required for Pensionado Status is As Follows:

1. Passport:
    a. For all persons listed on application. 
    b. Valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time of application.

2. Birth Certificate:
    a. Request certified copy from Department of Vital Statistics.

3. Canadians must contact the RCMP and obtain a 
     "Nationwide Certificate of Good Conduct".

4. Marriage Certificate:

5. Proof that applicant is entitled to a minimum of US$1,000.00 per month income      in the form of a pension.

Note:  After the Pensionado has had their Pensionado Status for a period of 36                  months, they may apply for Permanent Resident Status, which has no                      income requirements.

All of the above information, excluding passport, must have been obtained from original point of issuance within 6 months from the time we submit application to Immigration here in Costa Rica.

The above documents excluding passport must first be sent to:

Foreign Affairs Canada, Authentication Officer, Telephone 613-994-4000.

Those documents are then to be sent to the closest Costa Rican Embassy 
or Consul in the Province they were originally created to be consularized.  

Next Step Bring/Send these documents to us in Costa Rica.  
                    Contact us for mailing options.


Contact our company for individual instructions/assistance.

Within the application process for any nationality, each individual will be required to provide our company for furtherance to The Department of Immigration 
the following information:

1. Full Name, 2. Nationality, 3. Occupation, 4. Name of your Father, 5. Name of your Mother, 6. Name of your Spouse, 7. Race, 8. Color of your eyes, 9. Color of your hair, 10. Your height (in meters), 11. Your weight (in kilos), 12. Marital Status, 13. Place of Birth, 14. Date of Birth, 15. Original Entry Date into Costa Rica, 16. Point of Entry into Costa Rica, 17. Physical Address in Costa Rica, 18. Telephone number in Costa Rica.  

Upon return of these documents to you, 
bring or send these documents to our company here in Costa Rica.

We will be pleased to assist you with your requirement 
and pleased to provide you with a quote for our services.
Other Nationalities:
"For those of you who are in Costa Rica, your FBI Background Check can be ordered online at

Regarding the fingerprinting that you will need to have completed. . the fingerprint card will still need to be sent physically to an address in the USA to be processed. This cannot be uploaded and sent electronically. We can accommodate you regarding this matter. Please get in touch with Kevin or David to complete this process.
NOTE Costa Rica Immigration & Moving Experts will assist our clients with the acquisition of the local paperwork required for one’s legal status. The obtaining and legal processing of documents from client’s home country is the responsibility of the client.